Door Knockers

Find your Door Knockers today!

Your front door doesn't have to be just a gateway to your home—it can be the star of the show, a standing ovation right at the entryway!

We make that happen with our truly unique and utterly enchanting collection of door knockers. Are you a fan of mythical creatures? Well, our Dragon Door Knockers are so magical, they'll make you feel like you've crossed into a land of fantasy each time you enter your home. Or perhaps you're a nature lover? Our Tree Ent Door Knockers are so lifelike, you'd almost expect them to break into poetic verses from the realms of Middle-Earth! And for the Potterheads out there, don't think we've forgotten you. Our Harry Potter-style door knockers bring a piece of the Wizarding World right to your doorstep. "Knock, knock. Who's there?" It's not just a visitor; it's an experience—an extension of your personality and a warm welcome for guests. So why settle for the ordinary when you can make a 'knock-out' first impression?