Why TwoBeeps?

🌟 Why Choose TwoBeeps?

We’re a family that's worked tirelessly to deliver unparalleled service and products. We're 5-star rated across multiple platforms—TrustPilot, Google, Facebook, Etsy, eBay, and Amazon!

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We're absolutely thrilled to have earned 5-star ratings across multiple platforms. But don't just take our word for it, hear it straight from our customers!

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Order by 2pm for same-day dispatch on non-personalised items. Plus, FREE UK Delivery on orders over £50. We’re green too! We plant trees every month and offset our carbon emissions.

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We’ve delivered joy and love through over 50,000 orders. We don't just see you as customers; you’re part of our extended family.

🐑 The Heartwarming Tale Behind 'TwoBeeps' 🐑

Curious about where 'TwoBeeps' comes from? Grab a cozy blanket and snuggle in, because our story is the stuff of bedtime tales and heartwarming memories.

When our tiny treasure, Alaric, came into the world, a dear family friend gave him something special—a cuddly sheep that was so much more than just a stuffed toy. This sheep, you see, was nothing short of magical! It emitted a soothing heartbeat sound and a gentle glow, mimicking the comfort of a mother's womb. It's like this sheep had been sprinkled with a dash of fairy dust!

Alaric was smitten, and who could blame him? He found a soulmate in this sheep, which he adorably named 'Beep.' The two became fast friends, inseparable, as if sewn from the same cloth—literally and metaphorically.

As parents, this filled our hearts with joy but also posed a quirky dilemma. What if Beep got lost? The mere thought sent chills down our spines. So, what did we do? Enter 'Beep No. 2,' a doppelgänger sheep for just-in-case moments. Alaric, with his keen sense of loyalty, knew who the OG Beep was but gave Beep No. 2 its share of love, too.

Then came the day of revelation. Amidst the joyful chaos of our family life, as we sat pondering what to name our online gift store, a bolt of inspiration struck us—why not 'TwoBeeps'? It was like the universe orchestrated this perfect little 'aha' moment!

As if confirming our decision, Alaric wandered in, caught a glimpse of the newly designed logo, and lit up like a Christmas tree. "Two Beeps!" he cheered, repeating it as if it were a magic spell that made everything in the world just a bit brighter.

The name stuck, its simplicity carrying a depth of story that we never could have imagined. It was a tale spun from the innocence of a child's love for his comforting companions, a story that now wraps around our brand like a warm hug.

We wanted to share this with you because we believe stories like these make us more than just a store; they make us a community. We're not just selling things; we're selling comfort, love, and a bit of magic. 🌟

As a little thank you for stepping into our world and letting us into yours, here's a gift. Use the code BESTBEEP at checkout for a warm-hearted 5% off your next purchase.